The reUNION Public House

Samuel Pepys described the pub as the ‘heart of England’. This summer we invite you to explore The reUNION Public House – celebrating this cornerstone of British life.

Under the railway arches of Southwark, discover a haven of open air courtyards and gardens abuzz with activity: rediscovered pub games, neighbourhood feasts, live music and film screenings. Our inn is open for overnight guests, and our patrons can enjoy a piping hot sauna to chase away those British summer chills.

Four years ago EXYZT and Sara Muzio created the acclaimed Southwark Lido, which celebrated the tradition of Roman baths in the heart of the city. This year, we take inspiration from the Beer Act of 1830, in which any householder could apply for a license to sell – and even brew beer from their own front room.

Our ‘front parlour’ is London’s Union Street and our guests are you – local families, office workers, arty types and even the odd Olympic athlete! – coming to see old faces and meet new ones.

*We will be serving a selection of London-brewed beers, celebrating the growing number of local micro-breweries.*

The reUNION Inn will host overnight guests, each room a bespoke creation by some of Europe’s most exciting young art/architecture collectives, assembled in a two week building fest during the London Festival of Architecture 2012. The Inn will be open from 8th July and throughout the Olympics: an Artist’s Village offering tourists and Londoners alike a unique London experience.

The reUNION Bathhouse is our very own mini-spa, complete with a Sauna and cold-water bucket-showers.

100 Union Street is one of the most experimental and well loved urban sites in London: it has hosted the Southwark Lido, the Union Street Urban Orchard and the Urban Physic Garden. Generously supported and co-produced by Lake Estates/Solid Space, The reUNION will go further in testing the economic sustainability of pop-ups, and their potential influence on permanent urban development.