The reUNION Inn

We will be hosting participants in our Inn, each room a bespoke creation by some of Europe’s most exciting young art/architecture collectives, assembled in a two week building fest during the London Festival of Architecture 2012, 23rd June to 8th July. The Inn will be open from 8th July and in the lead-up to the Olympics: an Artist’s Village in the heart of Southwark!

Whilst the rooms will be comfortably furnished, this will be a unique urban experience: the rumbling of the trains on the adjacent trainline, and the Inn’s position within a lively public installation, should be noted.

Collectives creating rooms at The reUNION Inn

Assemble UK // Creators of the Cineroleum and Folly for a Flyover
Depuis 1920 FRANCE // Creators of Container and Cocoon
Gruppo Informale // ITALY // Creators of Lungavilla and Molotorre : Room ” Il Carapace ”
Raumlaboys // Raumlabor “youngsters” GERMANY // Pioneers in the field of urban interventions, works include Rosy, which travelled to 15 locations in the City of London, and Tate Modern
Zoom FRANCE // Currently working on a participative community TV series Vill9 in a neibourhood of Grenoble : Room ” The Dream Unit “

DreamUnit_Zoom05DreamUnit_Zoom     ilCarapace_mat_stef_luigi01